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The West Coast’s Best

A national story from the West Coast.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Some One Catches COVID-19

NBA Bubble content took center stage this week and it felt a lot like a grown-man AAU tournament. Here’s more content highlights from the West Coast NBA teams.

Fishing becomes a thing.

Portland continued weird flexing.

Gaming still at center stage.

Live looks at the food.

Don’t forget testing.

New Players enter the group chat.

Old bonds grow stronger.

YES, BUT: Russell Westbrook and Harrison Barnes came out as positive for coronavirus. Richaun Holmes got caught busting quarantine restrictions.



West Coast Sports Reads

Coastal must-reads so you sound more connected on your next Zoom call or group chat debate.

Missed The MLS?

We got your back.


  • 7/15 Vancouver vs San Jose at 6 p.m. PST

  • 7/18 Portland vs Houston at 5 p.m. PST

  • 7/18 LAFC vs LA Galaxy 7:30 p.m. PST

  • 7/19 Chicago vs San Jose 5 p.m. PST

  • 7/19 Seattle vs Vancouver 7:30 p.m. PST

ALSO IMPORTANT: The MLS reported no more positive tests this week. The tournament started with a players protest. Not to mention, Sounders players shared their jersey messages.

Seattle Headlines WNBA Return

Yes, the WNBA is also returning very soon with a 22-game season from the IMG Academy in Florida. The July 25th opening tip-off is highlighted by Sabrin Ionescu’s pro debut with the New York Liberty versus the Seattle Storm.

Breanna Stewart and Sue Bird return for the Storm after missing all last season with injuries. Stewart won MVP in 2018 as she and Bird led the Storm to their third franchise championship. You can find more on the WNBA must-watch games here.

HOWEVER: The Storm will be without their head coach Dan Hughes. Hughes opted out of the 2020 season due to increased risk to severe illness from COVID-19. Hughes missed last season due to a cancer diagnosis in April 2019.

Come’ on Ump

MLB teams also started working out in preparation for their 60-game season. 11 umpires took an out due to COVID.

Here’s quick headline catchup to get you ready for next week’s opening day.







ICYMI: Giants catcher Buster Posey opted out of the MLB season. His family recently adopted twins so he said it wasn’t a tough decision.

NHL Return: Officially, Official

Since we last spoke, the NHL and NHL Players Association agreed on a four-year extension to the CBA as well as the restart plan. Teams will move forward with a 24-team restart beginning Aug. 1 in Edmonton and Toronto.

CBA changes include inclusion into the 2022 and 2026 Olympics, an increased minimum player salary and a locked salary cap until revenue returns to pre-COVID-19.


  • 9/22 Stanley Cup Finals begins

  • +7 days after the finals NHL Free Agency begins.

  • 10/9-10/10 NHL Draft

  • 11/17 2020-21 Training camps begin

  • 12/1 2020-21 season begins

THE WEST COAST ANGLE: Although still without a name, the Seattle NHL expansion is on course for the 2021-22 season. They’ve already received deposits for 16,000 season tickets despite construction delays to the $900 million renovations of the Key Arena. The team’s new home will be renamed the Climate Pledge Arena after Amazon. As of now, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman promised a complete 82-game season for next year and hopefully the following season when Seattle debuts.

P.S. No injuries disclosed this NHL postseason.

L.A.’s Alliance Assembles

All 11 professional sports teams from Los Angeles linked up to form The A11LIANCE.

This five-year commitment to drive investment and impact for social justice through sport stems directly from recent Black Lives Matters protests in Los Angeles and across the country. The goal is for all 11 teams to create positive change in underserved communities, with an emphasis on Black communities.

Among injustices they will fight against:

  • Budget challenges for afterschool programs including sports

  • Safe passage to playgrounds

  • Transportation

  • Lack of trained and well-paid coaches

  • The rising costs of athletics and intramural programs.

WHAT’S BEEF? Yes, that includes both the Angels and Dodgers, Ducks and Kings, Clippers and Lakers, Chargers and Rams, LAFC and Galaxy and the Sparks all partnering despite Los Angeles being one of the most competitive sports markets.

Mostert Doesn’t Want to Be There

49ers running back Raheem Mostert requested a trade last week via his agent. The trade requests come after months of unproductive talks despite the RB’s prominent role including 760 rushing yards in the last nine games for the NFC Champs late last season.

Mostert spent time with the Eagles, Browns, Dolphins, Ravens and Bears before landing with the 9ers. The 27-year-old will make $2.58 million in 2020 before his contract expires after the 2021 season.

San Francisco already traded Matt Breida to the Dolphins to make room in their backfield this offseason. Check out more Mostert trade speculations here.

MADDEN 2021 RATINGS DROPPED: Mostert got the fastest running back speed rating. Otherwise, Christian McCaffrey joined the 99 club. Russell Wilson is the best QB not named Pat Mahomes.

Fall Back Into the Pac-12

The PAC-12 became the latest conference to make fall sports conference-only. The Pac-12 hopes limiting travel within the conference will control coronavirus’s impact on their fall seasons.

WHY IT MATTERS: Stanford already made significant budget cuts by dropping 11 varsity sports. CAL and UCLA already faced sponsorship deals blow-up. Could we see more sports cut by Pac-12 schools?

West Coast Sports Links

Idols, rivals and anything else you might have missed from your favorite regions this week.


Pacific NorthWest





West Coast Sports Careers

The best Sports Jobs posted this week for those making their living in West Coast Sports.






One More West Coast Vibe

A song recommendation to promote your West Coast State of Mind.

This week’s recommendation is close to my heart. It’s an homage to a classic Bay Area beat from Too Short. I dare you not to move when this comes on.

Yes, this song came out a few weeks ago. However, I just recently got it stuck in my head via my girlfriend. Thus, why I say it’s close to my heart.

Shoutout to Saweetie being the first female featured here thanks to her Bay Area lineage. Sorry for explicit lyrics but it’s fucking catchy.

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