New Format, Who is This?

New Format, 24 job links and more Bidness

What’s Good? I contemplated punting this week’s issue due to my lack of bandwidth. I’m attending NABJ/NAHJ national convention while also helping wrap up a scholarship for CSUN Journalism students impacted by COVID. The podcast I cohost,, is also gearing up for season and episode 200.

Personally, I also recently took my teenage brother in which presents some challenges. This is adversity I can handle but I almost contemplated just stopping production since I got enough data from my first ten issues.

However, nothing takes precedent over serving the 80+ individuals who currently opt for sports news from the West Coast every week, via my newsletter. Beyond that, there are new logos and images to test. I also held a really great call this week with a newsletter leader and entrepreneur who gave me some powerful encouragement and hacks for growth.

Thus, I decided on a new format. I’ll be rolling this into a twice-weekly newsletter. We will split the top stories, jobs and vibe portions into Wednesday’s edition. You will also get a new Friday newsletter featuring the reads, commentary and links you love from the West Coast.

This will give me more time to curate and write throughout the week without sacrificing all sleep on Tuesday. It will break up the emails so segments of fans and professionals are more easily separated. It should also increase deliverability since newsletters will be shorter, feature fewer links and engagement should go up.

At some point, I may flip the two editions. I figure some people may be more interested in music and applying for jobs on Friday and the weekend.

On the other hand, Friday is a more natural break to the news week. People are also consuming this more as a leisure read than a utility so I think they might enjoy reading my take on the news on Friday. It’s also a better fit for my schedule since I do most promotions over the weekend.

I initially chose Wednesday as a publishing day to trigger West Coast associations with Wednesdays. Thus, I still want to publish something on Wednesdays.

At some point, that might be the news portion of this newsletter again. However, for now it’ll be for job seekers, creators and others who could use a West Coast vibe. Friday will be more for news.

I could go back to just Wednesdays or I could do just Fridays. Who knows? The whole purpose of this newsletter is to test ideas. I apologize if this caused you any confusion or inconvenience.

Hope this all makes sense. If it doesn’t shoot me a reply. Stay good.


Pete D. Camarillo aka the guy who wonders why more conferences aren’t in the Pacific Time Zone.


The Best from the West

West Coast angles on national sports news dug up for your convenience.

Working on an interview for this section soon.

West Coast Sports Careers

The best Sports Jobs posted this week for those making their living in West Coast Sports. It’s a little light this week.






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More West Coast Vibes

Song recommendations to promote your West Coast State of Mind.

If you’re like me and hear Shoreline Mafia everywhere, you might be surprised that they just dropped their debut studio album.

The L.A. based group caught on the past few years with a series of mixtapes that really turned up the youth greater Los Angeles. Pitchfork called them the most sex-obsessed Californians since Too $hort so beware.

On Friday, Shoreline Mafia dropped 20 tracks of West Coast music for the next socially distant BBQ or wherever else L.A. party vibes thrive.

Mafia Bidness features cameos from Future, YG, 03 Greedo, Drakeo the Ruler, Lil Yachty, Wiz Khalifa and Kodak Black.

This includes a spin on the classic “This is How We Do It.” There’s also some West Coast and South crossover on the “Gangstas & Sippas” track.

Besides the obvious YG feature and Oakland tribute, this song is my favorite because it’s the upbeat, chemistry that makes this group addicting. It makes me miss those L.A. day clubs.

Otherwise, the collective shows off their range from dark cuts to upbeat party songs.

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