The Results Are In

COVID-19 Test Results, New Sponsorships, Equality and 20+ jobs from the West Coast.

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COVID Results Are In

16 of 32 in the NBA including Buddy Hield

11 of 200 positives in the NHL

MLS said 18 players and 6 staff tested positive

MORE: The NBA could still shut down due to COVID-19. NFL Rookies still not signed mostly due to pandemic.

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Straight West Coast Reads

Thought It Was A Trade Drought

The Padres and Athletics ended the three-month MLB trade stoppage due to the pandemic freezing transactions.

A deal that sent minor-league speedster Jorge Mateo to the Padres in exchange for a player to be named later was the first trade in the MLB since March. Mateo was once a featured player in the trade between the Yankees and A’s which included Sonny Gray.

Mateo, 25, brings experience at second base, center field and shortstop. Now, he’ll have to make the Padres’ Opening Day roster or else be designated for assignment. He might still look up at a lot of players on San Diego’s roster.

However, Mateo has got 283 stolen bases in 361 tries across 702 career minor-league games. This makes him a prime candidate for pinch-running in a condensed season.

WHY IT MATTERS: Minor League Baseball is officially canceled which will leave cities without the sport for the first time since 1901. That makes Big League Dreams even bigger. We should also expect more low-level moves as teams prep for the 60-game season.

Anaheim’s Extreme Makeover

Anaheim is known for Disneyland but that could change thanks to some new sports developments.

The Ducks owners unveiled plans for a $3 billion mixed-used district called ocVIBE. This 115-acre project includes a concert venue, two hotels, affordable housing, parks, bridges and more.

It could create as many as 13,000 construction jobs and more than 3,000 permanent jobs upon completion. The privately-funded project is expected to be completed by the Olympics in 2028.

This is on top of the City’s project to transform the area around Angel Stadium. ‘The Big A: 2050,’ as it is called, covers 153 acres.

The proposed development around the Angel’s stadium could see its own construction of 5,175 apartments and condominiums, 2.7 million square feet of office space, 1.1 million square feet of retail, restaurants and hotels, a five-acre urban park and 12,500 car parking spaces. The city forecasts between $10m and $20m in annual revenue from the project.

Look out Mickey Mouse.

P.S. As for other current mixed-use sports developments, Padres fans can check out this balcony for games from a safe distance.

Protecting the House

Cal and UCLA sponsorship deals with Under Armour are in jeopardy. UA is attempting to terminate the 15-year, $280 million deal it signed in 2016 with UCLA. That deal gave the Bruins $15 million upfront which was the richest college sports apparel deal at the time.

According to reports, Under Armour wants money back based on benefits not received. It could also be related to Force Majeure which you can read about more on Sportico. Either way, UCLA athletics already had its budget concerns.

Under Armour is also trying to terminate its deal with the University of California. They are in the fourth year of a 10-year, $86 million deal with the Golden Bears. Cal and UCLA pushed back saying they did not violate any terms with their apparel partner.

The schools signed with Under Armour in 2016 to start a West Coast Empire, according to Axios Sports. However, it is a different company now. Their stock hit a nine-year low in May. The company also backed out of a deal to do MLB on-field Jerseys in 2018 and Nike happily took their place.

MORE APPAREL RECKONING: Sorry, Karen. Adidas’ global head of human resources retired. She wrote in her memo that the focus on her questionable reaction to racial issues prevented the company from moving on.

And They Got Sponsors and Fans… Callin’

Speaking of COVID, teams are planning new gimmicks to make up lost revenue due to the Great Sports Pause.

The A’s and Giants announced a copycat promotion from soccer leagues overseas. Both teams will let fans purchase photos for cardboard cutouts that will be placed in the seats of their respective stadiums. The A’s program starts at $49 and you can pay more if you want your cutout to net you a foul ball.

Otherwise, the NBA will put fans on hundreds on video boards around the arena. They’ll also integrate unique camera angles, chat functions with influencers, personalized streams with stat overlays and virtual concerts to improve the viewing experience when their season resumes.

Meanwhile, the NFL will reportedly allow teams to sell TV camera-visible signage. These tarps are also meant to create a moat from fans for players and coaches at the sidelines. The new signage is for 2020 only as it is an attempt to recoup losses. Previously, you could only find major NFL sponsors on TV broadcasts.

THE WEST COAST ANGLE: Raiders Owner Mark Davis was the only NFL owner who voted against it. Davis doesn’t want to tell a single Vegas fan they can’t attend the Silver and Black’s debut in the Silver State. Ironic, considering his team pioneered tarps over stands in Oakland as a way to fight blackout broadcast rules for much of their second stint in Oakland.

Not to Be Ignored

The National Women’s Soccer League launched the return of sports in the States. Popularity continues surging with its Challenge Cup. Nearly all the players took a knee during the National Anthem.

Saturday’s matchup between the North Carolina Courage and Portland Thorns FC. The Youtube TV broadcast saw record viewership ratings with over 572,000 viewers for the Thorns’ 2-1 loss on a stoppage-time goal, according to the Sports Letter.

EQUALITY STILL AN ISSUE: Only nine women make up the league’s 36 total coaching jobs, according to Power Plays. In 2014, more than 90 percent of Division I schools offered Women’s sport so there is a strong pipeline.

Pride Aside

June marked the annual month-long Pride Celebration, although most parades were canceled due to COVID. Still, sports teams, brands and players showed their support for the LGBTQ+ community by releasing statements, sharing stories and altering logos.

The Warriors voiced their support while the Sounders, Seahawks and Mariners flew theirs. They were just a few of the teams that showed their pride all month.

YES, BUT: Why aren’t more speaking out about what’s going on to trans athletes at the grassroots level? 14 states, including Washington, are considering bills that would limit transgender students’ participation in athletics. 66 anti-transgender bills have been introduced in state legislatures which is the most filed in a year. 25 anti-transgender sports bills are still active.

Jerseys Matter

Las Vegas Aces veteran forward Angel McCoughtry proposed an idea to put victims of police brutality on jerseys instead of players' names via IG. She wants to remember the victims and help players build relationships with the families of those victims. Her petition caught the attention of players, fans and media.

The NBA and NBAPA proposed their similar initiative to bring light to charitable causes or display the names of social justice victims. This is the NBA’s way to keep the fight for social justice on the public’s mind. However, reports contradicted players using deceased victims’ names. Players can place other charities on their backs too.

Both the NBA and WNBA are expected to paint Black Lives Matter on their respective courts when their play resumes too. Jerseys and court signage again prove basketball is taking the lead on empowering players to speak up.

Further, The Big3 also announced a new foundation that will tackle critical social justice issues. This organization will work with WNBA and NBA alumni on funding for "new business ventures, education, charitable endeavors and assistant in post-career lives."

THE WORLD TAKES NOTICE: Team USA athletes are considering protesting the Olympics. A letter demanding the International Olympic Counsel remove restrictions on Olympians protesting was also released.

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