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PST Media provides the only sports newsletters exclusively dedicated to the West Coast Sports Community.

Sports readers across California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon share more than a time zone. Music, culture, weather, politics, workdays, weather and lifestyles connect sports fans and professionals on the West Coast. However, they’ve never sustained a unified sports platform or voice until PST Media.

We Are West Coast Sports is PST Media’s first product providing the best sports stories, links and jobs for professionals and fans across the pacific time zone. Your conversations at the water cooler and the bar will improve without scrolling through 4 a.m. newsletters filled with New York, Chicago and Boston content. Join the other 200+ subscribers feeding their West Coast State of Mind with our emails every week.

West Coast Sports Reads Newsletter

Many sports newsletters, podcasts, broadcast shows, local newspapers and beat reporters cover your favorite team and sport. They keep you engaged with social media, hot takes, deep reporting, exclusives and highlights. However, too much local sports content focuses on hyper-engaged fans while too much national sports content focuses on the East Coast consumers.

What about people who want to know what division rivals are up to? We want to read the most important content from our time zone without going into a deep sports wormhole.

How about those who want to know when a secondary MLS, MLB, NBA or NFL team does something noteworthy? We don’t want to miss a headline because it is buried behind sports content from the East Coast.

West Coast Sports Reads

West Coast Sports Reads connects sports fans and professionals across the West Coast with the best sports information from their time zone and on their time. This newsletter exists for readers who don’t want sports newsletters emailed at 4 a.m. or a news cycle that ends at 3 p.m. our time.

It is a great weekly resource for casually tracking the teams in your region or sport. Improve your sports conversations with friends and family by signing up for free today.

West Coast Sports Jobs Newsletter

Are you tired of New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia sports teams crowding your favorite sports media website and job boards?

The West Coast Sports Jobs newsletter curates the best white-collar sports job links from the West Coast and highlights regional coastal bias. We’ll promote jobs and share the insights exclusively from the pacific time zone. Plus, this weekly newsletter includes one song with a West Coast vibe to help you get through your week.

This jobs newsletter will connect sports professionals who know how long a short flight or drive is to Vegas, Portland, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle or Portland. We’re tired of being told we need to move away when there are many great sports stories and teams in the time zone we grew up in.

West Coast Sports Jobs

Join the West Coast Sports Jobs community to cut through the east coast biased job boards. We shout out those making their own waves here too. Thank you for all your feedback, referrals, and participation in this journey.

More About PST Media

We are building a new sports media company focused exclusively on professional sports in CA, WA, OR, and NV because we are tired of sports media framing everything for the East Coast media consumers.

PST Media is building a community of sports fans and professionals who care about sports culture across the pacific time zone. Our free weekly newsletters connect the dots and feed the West Coast State of Mind.

This is not another sports voice but this is the voice of sports on the West Coast. You deserve an outlet that understands the unique living experience and perspective of sports across the Pacific Time Zone.

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PST Media was incubated through AAJA's 2018 Catalyst fellowship. Currently, it is supported by the Maynard Institute's 200 Fellowship.

More About Our Founder

PST Media was founded by Pete D. Camarillo. After years of producing NBA and NFL sports content across the web, Pete decided to build his own publication dedicated to West Coast Sports fans. He is a columnist, podcaster and reporter with hundreds of articles and podcasts across the web.

Pete is also a full-time media relations professional for Business Wire. He is an active member of SPJ, NABJ and AAJA organizations in Los Angeles. Pete serves on executive boards of NAHJ-Los Angeles and the journalism alumni association of California State University, Northridge from which he has a B.A. in Communication, Journalism and Related Programs.

His background includes a certificate in Sports Journalism Essentials from Columbia University and various experiences in football coaching, sports management, community relations, marketing, newspaper editing and entrepreneurship too.

More About Pete

More On The West Coast Sports Perspective

Would you rather read sports news from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland or Sacramento before you scroll past the latest sports news from Chicago, Boston or New York? This is the newsletter community for you.

Sports readers in the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area, Vegas and Southern California are just as passionate as a Bostonian, Chicagoan, New Yorker or any other East Coast fan. Sports talent and creators who recognize the West Coast perspective should be pushed to the forefront.

Rather than sharing the blasphemous takes to get you arguing or exclusive information to suck you into a wormhole, we share the most relevant sports information and insights from the pacific time zone. All our writing exists to unite sports readers across the West Coast.

Our writing is for the folks who stayed up for NBA games during Kobe and the Warriors runs. Our most respected rivalries include Dodgers-Giants and our greatest dynasties start with the 49ers. Seattle is the loudest and proudest fan base as far as we are concerned.

However, sports aren’t the only important experience in our lives. We are outdoors hiking, trying vegan food, validating esports, placing sports bets in Vegas, complaining about traffic, playing with new tech, going to live recordings, bragging about the weather, hanging out with a movie extra and working or dreaming about working at tech company.

We are creating a sports medium that reflects the unique sports perspective of West Coast Sports fans.

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