What’s up with Sports Media?

National sports media shares a general viewpoint that professional sports teams in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas don’t hold the same rivalries or fanhood as those on in Boston, New York or Chicago.

Why? Most media is based in the North East and the teams are older than their counter parts along the West Coast.

It’s great if live in EST or you’re a fan of a team based in the North East. It’s good if you only care about your team or one sport.

However, what about those of us who want to know what division rivals are up to or those of us who want to know when our secondary MLS, MLB, NBA or NFL team does something noteworthy?

What about those who would like to know what’s going on in L.A., Vegas, Bay Area or Seattle Professional sports before caring about anything from Boston, Chicago or New York?

How about those of us who work in sports or media here and do not want to move to the East Coast for our next big break?

Finally, We Are West Coast Sports is the newsletter for you.

Our Solution

Are you tired of New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia sports teams crowding your favorite sports media website and job boards?

We are building a new sports media company focused exclusively on professional sports in CA, WA, OR, and NV because we are also tired of sports media framing everything for the East Coast media consumers. We’re tired of being told we need to move away when there are many great sports stories and teams in the time zone we grew up in.

Sports information is plenty. We aren’t here to be another voice but we are here to be the voice for those who care about sports on the West Coast and those making their own waves here.

Our beginning starts with the We Are West Coast Sports Newsletter which will curate the best stories from the West Coast as well as West Coast angles from national stories. We’ll also share jobs for sports marketing, communications and writing across CA, WA, OR and Nevada. We’ll promote and share the insights that you can only get from the West Coast. It’s a great resource for tracking the teams in your region or sport you casually follow so you can have better sports conversations with friends and family.

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Stay up-to-date

Do you need sports news and opinion delivered on your time and not before you roll out of bed? Are you ready for a sports product with only NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, ESports, DFS, Betting, and Fantasy news from the West Coast?

Subscribe to the We are West Coast Sports weekly newsletter to keep up with our progress, learn about East Coast media bias, discover West Coast Sports angles omitted from the mainstream media, find jobs in the states we cover and receive context around the week’s best news and opinion from the Pacific Time Zone. We’ll only direct you to the most relevant sports news and people in your time zone whether that includes info from your team, your rival or the other teams in your city or division.

This newsletter will always deliver a perspective you can relate to, on pacific standard time, without sending you deep inside a sports wormhole you do not have time for. We’ll connect the dots and share the references that we know in the West Coast

We Are West Coast Sports

We are the only sports media brand dedicated to building and connecting the West Coast Sports Community. We believe fans in the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area, Vegas and Southern California are just as passionate as a Bostonian, Chicagoan, New Yorker or any other fan. We believe sports talent and creators who know the difference should be pushed to the forefront.

Our mission is to build a community of sports fans and professionals who care about sports culture in Pacific Standard Time. Regions aren’t just united by time zones. They’re common in music, culture, weather, activities, workdays, weather and lifestyles.

Rather than sharing the most blasphemous sports content to get you arguing or new nuggets of information to suck you into a wormhole, we’ll share the type of sports content that will unite users in different states across the West Coast.

We’ll connect the dots and share the references that we know in the West Coast. Your conversations at the water cooler and the bar will improve without sending you down a sports wormhole or making you dig thru New York, Chicago and Boston content.

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Join the crew

Join the We Are West Coast Sports community to cut through the Yankees/Sox, Cubs, Giants, Brady, Jay-Z, Subway, Timbs, Redskins, DJs and other east coast biases for a sports media brand more relevant to your perspective, time and way of life.

We know you are outdoors hiking, the people open to your vegan food, validating esports, placing sports bets in Vegas, complaining about traffic, bragging about the weather, hanging out with a movie extra and working or dreaming about working at tech company. Plus, we know you don’t care where hip hop started because the West Coast gave it flare. We are creating a sports medium that reflects that.

Join us if you are a sports professional making their own way without being thrilled about your next big opportunity meaning a move to the D.C., Boston or New York too. Our job listing will connect more sports professionals know how long a short flight or drive is to Vegas, Portland, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle or Portland.

We are the folks who stayed up for NBA games during Kobe and the Warriors runs. Our most respected rivalries include Dodgers-Giants and our greatest dynasties start with the 49ers. Seattle is the loudest and proudest fan base as far as we are concerned.

If any of this sounds like you, then you are West Coast Sports too. This is the sports newsletter is for you and people like you. We appreciate all your feedback, referrals, and participation in this journey.

To find out more about the company that provides the tech for this newsletter, visit Substack.com.