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If a West Coast Sports Newsletter Stops Without Saying Anything, Does It Make a Sound?

It’s been about a month since we last spoke. Apologies for the delay.

Much at the same time sports paused in protest due to another act of police brutality, I took my own unexpected hiatus.

Imagine you’re in the middle of the ocean with no idea where land is. That’s how I felt when my sister went reported missing from a relative’s in Georgia four weeks ago. I didn’t know where to go or what to do but I needed to do something. I had to do something besides trend water.

Thus, I dialed every non-profit and hit all my social channels with details. Many of my friends offered to fly me out there. Each time I felt like I got somewhere, a new challenge surfaced. This was all in the middle of already having her brother in my care.

Luckily, my sister turned up safe at her home a few days later. She never ran away before and knew it was wrong. However, she escaped from her relative’s house without telling a soul because she felt she had no other choice.

The conditions she and her brother lived in might not have been illegal but they were certainly no the best. They went from thinking they were going to Georgia for a vacation to being told they’d have to move schools and never see their families again. That’s a lot for any teen, especially for teens who have already been through the trauma of being taken from their mother at a young age.

It’s hard to talk about since it’s not all my story to tell. I will say that public records and communication should beat privacy and family business every day.

Where I Have Been

Nonetheless, the last few weeks have been crazy for me. My sister came and stayed with me after she returned to California. This was always the plan that had anything happened to their primary caregiver and adopted parent. Unfortunately, it took my sister running away for the adults to listen.

Then, I quickly became an expert in probate, family and juvenile court. I was already working on this. However, I had one brother still stuck in Georgia. It took my efforts in coordination with DCFS to get him home safely.

All this pre-empted the newsletter. For a couple of weeks, I was so caught up in surviving that I couldn’t even escape to sports. I took a break from the podcast too. Getting them in school, activities and routines took away from the research, writing and editing this newsletter deserves.

Each deadline missed made it harder to speak. On one hand, I didn’t know what to say. Should I take a hiatus? When will I return? On the other hand, I built some momentum moving to two times a week, breaking over 150 subscribers and introducing some graphics. Missing one issue made it easier to miss the next one too.

Sports did not stop on the West Coast while I was out. The Clippers choked and the Lakers delivered a Western Conference Finals. Portland’s Oakland ties and Houston’s L.A. ties were no match for the Lake Show. The Sparks and Aces made the playoffs. Slam Diego owned the trade deadline.

SoFI and Allegiant stadiums opened with no fans. Our Golden Knights got bounced from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Your A’s and Dodgers continue to lead their packs.

All this you probably found on your favorite sports website? But did you find it all together in ways that connected it to the West Coast Sports lifestyle?

Either way, I’m only finding the time to write this letter now because I took a leave from my full-time work. Part of me wants to use this time to go hard on the newsletter. However, we are all still adjusting to our new life. I still need time to heal from this whole ordeal.

Not to mention, my work on this newsletter wasn’t exactly sustainable. Throw in three kids and it’s near impossible to stay up into the early AM hours to produce a newsletter.

Where The Project Is

If you’ve been following this project from the start you know this newsletter is far from the finished project or brand. This was only supposed to be a prototype but the feedback I got was so strong I kept pushing.

Still, the numbers didn’t grow as fast as needed to make this profitable. Engagement plateaued a bit as I tried to figure out the new format. It was hard to turn around interviews and meet character limits.

None of this is your problem. You’re just the audience. However, I wanted you to know what was going on. My brand will always put transparency first.

Moreover, this is far from calling it quits. The goal of this project was to gather feedback. I did that both in qualitative and quantitative ways. It was to learn how to build, promote and write a newsletter. I did that too.

I reengaged with old contacts. I found interest in my letter and communities of new newsletter friends. I learned to use Facebook ads efficiently and discovered other platforms like Quora and Indie Hackers.

There’s still a long way to go. List size and engagement needs to get better. I need to build up my interview archives. I need to build a website for this newsletter and probably find a way to get more data in my email lists. Don’t forget I’m figuring out the best days and time to send this letter or letters. Our name and branding still need some workshopping. Social media needs some TLC too.

What’s Next

Over the next few weeks, I am going to work on all these things. I’ll be attending ONA in the next few weeks to learn about all this too. I am going to do a better job sharing my story and my why too. I am two blogs deep on my experience as a 28-year-old raising three teens too.

My other side projects will get worked on too. They will be finished, optimized and tailored off to fit my new lifestyle. Kids, this newsletter and my work are my main priorities.

Stay tuned for some updates on this specific project by tapping in with your email address for free. Many of you have already done that so you’ll be the first to know when the project is back up and running again.

Otherwise, you can support this project by hitting reply and telling me what it means. You can also buy me a coffee/beer if you feel inclined to. However, feedback and shares are the best payment.

Thank you for reading, coming along for the ride and believing in my dream. This is far from over or calling it quits. The best is still coming for me and the West Coast Sports community.


Pete D. Camarillo aka a dude sad by the Clippers’ L but happy for his 2-0 Raiders.

Sorry For The Wait

So Many Hoops, VGK Long Layoff, MLB Streaks and 50 links to the top stories in the pacific time zone.

Friends, the West Coast was wild this week with the Trailblazers winning the play-in game. They upset the Lakers a few days later. The Clippers also beat the Mavericks after Dallas big Kristaps Porzingis got ejected. Dallas followed that up with a game an upset. Both remaining NBA teams will try and not go down 2-1. Plus, we can’t forget hockey. The Vegas Golden Knights were the first NHL team to advance.

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors both discovered their draf spots. Slam Diego became a thing with the Padres hitting a bunch of Grand Slams. The Dodgers won seven straight. The Angel’s got Rendon in rhythm. Our Seattle Storm went on a winning streak too.

MLS is back again by the time we speak next week. That means the Timbers, Earthquakes, Galaxy and LAFC should all get more headlines.

We also can’t forget the Chargers and Rams in HardKnocks. San Francisco sustained some injuries in camp. The positive news continued out of Seattle and Las Vegas for the Seahawks and Raiders, respectively. All this and more sprinkled throughout the newsletter this week.

I hope reading about sports from the pacific time zone brings value and community into your life. Please share this with someone who shares a West Coast State of mind. You can read more about what that means in this past Wednesday’s edition. Otherwise, let me know how I can make this newsletter even more valuable in your workweek.

West Coast Reads

The West Coast sports news you must know before your next zoom call. Minus the New York, Boston and Chicago influence.

Knights Advance First

The Las Vegas Golden Knights became the first NHL team to advance in the playoffs with their 4-1 series win over the Chicago Blackhawks this past Tuesday. It is their second-time advancing past the first round in their three-year history.

Chicago squeezed out a 3-1 win in Game 4 to prevent a sweep. Otherwise, Vegas goalkeeper Robin Lehner went 3-1 versus his old team. He’s 8-1 since the Knights acquired him from the Blackhawks at the deadline.

Now, Vegas is managing their extended time off in the Edmonton bubble. They will play either the St. Louis Blues or Vancouver Canucks. Vancouver leads that series 3-2 with Game 6 and 7 over the weekend.

The MLS IS BACK For Reals, For Reals

The MLS is back, back. The Regular season begins around the time you receive this letter. Here are some key matchups to watch as the teams venture out of their Bubble

  • LAFC vs LA Galaxy on Saturday at 3 PM PST

  • Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders on Sunday at 7 PM PST

  • San Jose Earthquakes vs Portland Timbers on Wednesday at 7:30 PM PST

  • LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders on Wednesday at 8 PM PST

PRIME TIME: The Seattle Sounders inked a three-year deal with Amazon. Prime Video now owns exclusive digital streaming rights for all non-national broadcasts for Seattle. That includes the upcoming match versus the Galaxy. They will also get a page on the Prime Video app.

Top Seed Bubble Pops

Meanwhile, the NBA playoffs saw their top seeds get their first-round playoff losses popped. The Clippers lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the second game of their series. The Lakers dropped their first game to the Blazers but answered with a dominating win in Game 2. It was their first playoff win since 2012. Lake Show big Anthony Davis made some jokes about LeBron James’ age after the win. James tied Kobe in all-time playoff triple-doubles.

Last weekend, Portland beat the Grizzlies 126-122 to win the 8-seed. That also won Lillard the Bubble MVP award. Paul Pierce called Portland the greatest 8th seed ever.

MORE DAME TIME: Lillard’s recent performances also sparked an old/new debate about him and Steph Curry. Either way, the Oakland native is not here to waste time. He’s even playing Game Three despite a finger injury.

Storming thru the Wubble

The Seattle Storm looked like they could set the WNBA win streak record before dropping a game to the Fever this week. They won 9 games previously which is half the record set by the L.A. Sparks in 2001. Next, the Storm will play the No. 2 Vegas Aces on Saturday.

P.S. Check out the Bryant Daughter’s getting some love from Tio Pau and the WNBA’s latest sensation.

Father of the Streak

Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. made headlines by swinging on a 3-0 count and stealing third with a six-run lead. He also began a four-day walk off Grand Slam streak for San Diego in their streak versus the Texas Rangers..

  • Monday: Fernando Tatís Jr.

  • Tuesday: Wil Myers

  • Wednesday: Manny Machado

  • Thursday: Eric Hosmer

Meanwhile, the NL West rival Dodgers ended a seven-game streak with a loss to the Mariners on Wednesday. Also in that series, Seattle’s Kyle Seager and L.A.’s Corey Seager became the first brothers to hit home runs in the same game since 2001.

MORE WEST COAST MLB: The A’s swept the Giants in the battle for the bay. Dave Kaval trolled Giants fans by telling them to hop on Oakland’s bandwagon.

Name that Clippers Stadium

L.A.C. retained CAA sports to sell naming rights to their new proposed arena in Inglewood. The 18,000-seat facility begins construction next summer. It will open when the Staples Center lease expires in 2024-25.

Recently, SoFi Stadium and Allegiant Stadium both signed naming deals for more than $20 million a year. The Chase Center in San Francisco did between $300 and $400 million over 20 years. The Climate Pledge Arena did between $15 and $20 million a year too in Seattle, per Front Office Sports.

OTHER SOCAL STADIUM NEWS: The LAFC Stadium and Dodger Stadium will both serve as voting stations in the upcoming election. San Diego St. also broke ground on their new arena.

NBA Lottery

In the middle of all the NBA games, the NBA Draft lottery revealed draft selections for the Kings and Warriors. Golden State sealed the No. 2 overall pick while the Kings sealed the 12th spot.

DIVAC DIPS: The Sacramento Kings began their search for a new General Manager. Vlade Divac stepped down as GM while Peja Stojakovic left his role as assistant GM. Both are Kings’ legends.

Joe Dumars steps into the interim GM role after Divac failed to end the 14-year playoff drought in Sacramento. Dumars is not being considered for the role long-term. Scott Perry, Brent Barry and others are connected to the job already.


West Coast Links

Stories, transactions, rumors and updates from your rivals, neighbors, or idols in the pacific time zone. All these links are worth further exploration during your afternoon stroll or dump.






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If you know someone else who interested in reading about teams in their city or division, ask them to check out this newsletter. Thank you for your help in growing the West Coast Sports community. Love Y'all.


Pete D. Camarillo aka Clippers in six

Time for a Re-introduction?

We Are West Coast Sports Back Story, RIP Nate Dogg and 30 job links from the pacific time zone

Hello, Welcome to those opening this newsletter for the first time. It’s the third week since we pivoted to publishing twice every week.

Wednesday’s edition features a project update and/or a deep dive into regional sports bias. There’s also a song at the end to help you keep a West Coast state of mind all week. Friday’s newsletter curates the best stories from professional sports in the pacific time zone. The goal is for you to connect more with friends, family and colleagues who appreciate sports across the time zone after reading this letter.

Please let me re-introduce myself to the folks who didn’t catch this wave right when I started it three months ago. Then, we’ll get into the job listings for folks making their living in West Coast Sports.


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Pete D. Camarillo. Maybe you clicked on a Raiders column, read a Lakers game recap, met me at a networking event or heard my podcast Touchdowns and Tangents.

Over the past five years, I’ve been an active sports writer and content creator by night while building a career in media relations and marketing. I’ve hosted and produced over 200 podcasts as well as published over 1,000 news blogs, articles and columns about sports. I’ve worked with major sports journalists for media relations campaigns and I helped grow major sports advertisers via direct video ad campaigns.

Now, I’m forging these paths with a quest for the first sustainable and totally West Coast focused sports news outlet. That begins with this newsletter which I started developing two years ago with AAJA’s Catalyst program.


There’s so much sports media. It usually falls into a local or national focus.

Yet, sports from the pacific time zone are usually only at the top of the page or home page when they have to be. Otherwise, you got to dig through sub-pages to find what you need on your favorite national sports sites.

Every national sports site features content from Chicago, New York or Boston no matter how irrelevant they are? Why do I need to dig for Lakers, Raiders, Giants, or Seahawks content when these teams feature the strongest fans?

Newspapers and local news sites feed on taking you deeper with your favorite team. They push you down a deep wormhole with ads or subscription pop-ups. However, what happens if you just want to snack on sports news and go?

Every major sports market features at least one or two local/regional papers along with a regional broadcast partner. That’s on top of whatever beat writer or influencer the Athletic pays to own coverage of those individual teams. Yet, they’re paid to take you deeper not tell you why you should care or help you on your next zoom call.

What if you want to discover news on your second or third favorite team in your city? What if you want to see when your division rival did something notable before you play them next week?

What is West Coast Sports?

Part of the problem is, nobody knows what West Coast Sports is. Some of that comes from sports being accessed regionally. It also comes from major sports outlets getting operated, owned and influenced by people who grew up on the Yankees, Celtics or Dolphins.

These are folks who probably know how much flights cost to Chicago, New York, Boston or Miami. However, do these folks regularly fly to Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego like many people who live in the pacific time zone?

This is the first sports newsletter cutting that East Coast influence and connecting the sports community on the West Coast. I define West Coast sports as pro sports across the pacific time zone aka California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. We exclusively focus on pro sports in the pacific time zone for fans and professionals because life is different here.

The West Coast State of Mind

People live and breathe differently on the West Coast. Our Weather is warmer. We’ve got mountains, deserts, and maybe beaches within a few hours. Our live events are different or time-shifted.

These states all teamed up on COVID-19 initial responses. They followed each other on rights for student-athletes and legalized gambling. Weed is recreational too.

Our music gods and radio DJs are different. Our slang and references as well. Sports fans and professionals need a sports outlet reflecting the different lifestyles and cultures in the pacific time zone.

We Are West Coast Sports flips sports on its head by being a publication for the West Coast Sports community by the West Coast Sports community. The hope is to better define what it means to be a sports fan on the West Coast. Long-term

Our unique tone and preferences really cater to sports fans on the West Coast who watch Kobe or the Warriors every night. This is for those who watched Barry's chase live or those who remember the 49ers’ dynasty. They’re the ones who remember how great the Jailblazers or Legion of Boom was. It's for those whose favorite player was Arod or the Kidd before they moved to other time zones

Wait, are people already doing this?

The internet cut some regional bias by making it easier to access sports as well as start your publication. There’s Western Standard Time, Sports Out West, the West Coast Sports Podcast, and various outlets that cater to a West Coast centric point of view.

There’s so much talent here. I’m not just talking about the purebred journalists who go unread or unheard. Many of these people are told to move to a new market despite all the sports happening in this very time zone. There’s a reason, the best athletes in the world maintain some sort of presence in L.A., the Bay, Vegas or Pacific NorthWest.

However, few West Coast publications sustain. It’s an uphill battle because too much sports media is framed from East to West. Sure, you can find your favorite team news on any number of local or national news sites. But do they share why it matters to your experience and culture watching sports in the pacific time zone?

More on Sports Media

Nationally, ESPN has long been the life-blood of cable. How many networks do they have? We can’t forget ESPN+. It’s all pushed towards consuming more ESPN content which is largely influenced by Bristol’s proximity to the East Coast.

Don’t forget Fox Sports. They’re based in L.A. even if it doesn’t always feel like it with the talent and stories they feature.

There’s also Turner with the NBA and MLB. They have their own networks along with the NFL. Some sport-specific magazines still exist too. However, most take directive from corporate entities outside the pacific time zone.

Plus, Whatever Sports Illustrated and Deadspin are these days. The Ringer is good for a few listens or reads a week. Do they consistently reflect what it is like to be a sports fan in the pacific time zone? Do they even watch our games live?

Clutchpoints, Bleacher Report and SB Nation all fight it out for fan engagement. They rely on some combination of original coverage, aggregation, distribution, communities and social media.

Does it seems these sites just inflame you by encouraging hot takes, the same news and extended arguments? Why not connect fans of teams who play in the same city and division?

Trade publications like Sportico, Front Office, Axios Sports and the Sports Business Journal became even more critical with the pandemic shutting down. They all do a great job covering the sports innovation happening in the Bay, NorthWest and California. Yet, they lack events and job boards specifically for the pacific time zone.

Then, there’s the recent surge in daily sports newsletter. Shoutout to the RoundUup, Morning Blitz, Gist, SportsLetter and daily products from some of the places mentioned above. They’re all worthy reads for different reasons but they all send their emails before most of us are out of bed. I’m trying to make sure West Coast Sports fans aren’t left behind in the inbox any longer.

What’s the goal for PST?

PST’s goal is to build the first sustainable sports publication exclusively focused on the West Coast.

If we can surface *just* one new think piece to a savvy reader who thinks it added value to their day, we’ve succeeded. This will compound over time.

Who is it for?

Sports fans and professionals working in sports who live in the pacific time zone.

People who follow more than two professional sports will get the most value on Friday. Job seekers and those making their way in sports on the West Coast will love our job newsletter on Wednesday.

Students looking to break into sports and casual fans looking for why sports matter in their city will also get value here.

What can you expect?

Our first product is We Are West Coast Sports. It aims to build the West Coast Sports community with a job newsletter and top industry read on Wednesday. On Friday, we share a comprehensive newsletter with the best sports reads from the pacific time zone.

As we move forward we hope to roll out more products including:

  • A daily text alert with odds for West Coast matchups, along with links for action.

  • A podcast featuring the best talent and newsmakers from the West Coast.

  • Original local reporting is based on where we have the most subscribers.

  • Lists of the top reporters and influencers on the West Coast.

  • Products from advertisers exclusive to the pacific time zone.

You can always expect all our products to share the tone, references and experiences of fans on the West Coast.

Why now?

There are a million reasons to write a newsletter these days including owning a direct relationship with audiences. The trend of journalists building publications around their audience while the news business struggles. Publications like the Morning Brew, Axios, the Skimm and Hustle proved newsletters could help cut through the competition. Even local successes like 6 am showed the power in scaling the push medium.

These all influenced my initial idea. However, COVID-19 gave me some extra time by taking away my commute and Lakers’ credentials. My maternal Grandpa and paternal Grandma passed which gave me added motivation. Both loved sports and provided a safety net for me to get this far. I wanted to do something in their honor. My teenage brothers and sisters were also taken from me which gave me even more incentive and time to make this idea real.

Why me?

I’ve been writing and advocating for West Coast Sports for many years. It started with writing at SportsOutWest.com. They blessed me with credentials and a platform to aggregate news and share my opinions. I did thousands of page views but never saw a check.

I tried launching my own West Coast Sports blog under TheSportsDaily.com blog umbrella. Well, I also racked up page views there I could not pay myself or contributors off $2 CPMs.

Nonetheless, these experiences helped me find a sizable audience who understands the importance of West Coast sports culture. I’ve also managed newsletter lists in my media relations role and developed a newsletter for my college newspaper. My work on this newsletter vertically aligns those experiences.

Want to help?

Please share this newsletter with 2 of your fellow newsletter readers or friends who might find value in the best news and jobs from the West Coast. It’ll help me build a really passionate community. I need that for feedback and sharing ideas. This way WE can build a sustainable publication for sports fans in the pacific time zone.

Back to the Careers Page

For those chasing their sports career dreams in the Pacific Time zone.






A West Coast Vibe

A song or album that promotes a healthy West Coast State of Mind.

Shoutout to all the Leos and happy Born Day to the West Coast icon Nate Dogg.

This week’s vibe is a tribute to the West Coast OG who I imagine is singing with the angels. Nate made everything he touched a hit throughout the G-Funk area.

Here’s my favorite song from tha Dogg Pound and 213 legend.

This joint makes these summer days in Cali feel a lot less hot. I remember it was my ring tone for a while.

Share We Are West Coast Sports

What’s your favorite Nate Dogg track? RIP.

Once again, thank you for your trust and interest in this product. Please share with another West Coast Sports fan.


Pete D. Camarillo aka a dude who doesn’t need to be reminded we’re all living in Damian Standard Time.

Way Too Many Characters

DAME Time, Timbers CONACAF, Williams SIsters Chess Match, A's brawl and 35+ news links from the pacific standard time zone.

What’s Up Good People? Shoutout to all the folks joining for the first time this week. If you missed Wednesday’s edition with a dive into the PAC-12 go here or check your inbox.

Either way, thank you for supporting my dream. Thank you for opening your minds and inbox to a new read. I like to think I gained 60 new friends this week via all the people who signed up through Facebook ads. Again, thank you.

This newsletter aims to finally define what West Coast Sports mean. The goal is to build a sports publication where West Coast stories, sources and news take the lead. It’s my dream that one-day sports get told from West to East.

Finally, I will sustain a publication that focuses on our shared experiences and references. I want to connect fans and professionals across the pacific time zone with this email. I want to elevate our stories and culture without the Chicago, Boston or New York influence. I can’t do that without reader support.

Please let me know how I can make this email more valuable to your week. All feedback is valuable and every read appreciated. Hit reply.

ICYMI: How the West Won

Quick hits, scores and upcoming games you should know.


  • Sparks vs. Aces (82-86)

    • Vegas is 8-2 and one game behind the Storm. They’re also only a game above the Sparks.

  • Giants vs. Dodgers (1-2)

  • Padres vs. Dodgers (2-2)

    • Dodgers’ Mookie Betts became the third player in MLB history to hit three home runs in a game six times in his career.

  • Athletics vs. Angels (1-2)

    • The A’s nine-game streak ended. Mike Trout continued hitting jacks for the Angels.


  • Athletics vs. Giants (F-S)

  • Dodgers vs. Angels (F-S)

  • Mariners vs. Dodgers (M-TH)

  • Giants vs. Angels (M-TH)

Timbers Back On Top

Portland beat the odds on Tuesday. The Timbers secured a ticket to CONACAF Champions League with a 2-1 win over Orlando FC in the MLS is Back Finale.

A header from Larrys Mabiala and a corner-kick collection from Dario Zuparic sealed the deal this time. Diego Valeri assisted both.

The Timbers locked up their first trophy since winning the MLS Cup in 2015. They made the finals in 2018 but lost 2-0.

32-year-old Sebastian Blanco walked away with MVP Honors. His five assists were the most in the tournament. Blanco also scored three goals. Otherwise, Portland featured four players on the top XI. That was most by any team.

MORE MLS: LAFC’s Diego Rossi won the Golden Boot thanks to his seven goals in five games during the tournament.

Knights Stay Golden

Vegas remains undefeated in the NHL Playoffs. They’ve scored 23 goals in five bubble games. That includes eight two games versus the Blackhawks in the opening playoff series. The Golden Knights own a 2-0 lead over Chicago thanks to a 4-1 win Tuesday and 4-3 win Thursday.

Playoffs began on Tuesday with Las Vegas is the top seed. Las Vegas won all three round-robin games. They secured the top spot with an overtime win over the Avalanche on the weekend.

UPCOMING: Game Three at 5 PM PST on Friday and 3:30 PM PST on Sunday. Games Four and Five will happen on Tuesday and Thursday if needed.

NBA Playoffs: West Coast Preview

LAKERS VS Portland or Memphis

The Lakers struggled a bit after locking up the top seed. They dropped three-straight before a game-winner over the Nuggets broke the streak. L.A. also gave Sacramento their third win of the bubble Thursday night. The Kings eliminated themselves from the playoffs early. Still, the Lakers will get Rajon Rondo back. They will hope he hits playoff Rondo mode. Either way, nobody wants Portland right now. Although Blazers guard CJ McCullum is playing with a broken bone in his back.


You wouldn’t have believed me if I would’ve told you these teams would play each other in the playoffs at the beginning of the season. OKC traded away Paul George and Russell Westbrook but still found their way into the fourth seed. Although, Westbrook may miss some time due to a quad injury. That means former Rockets teammates James Harden and Chris Paul should duke it out. Houston should win but why keep counting out OKC?


Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. played a year of high school in Washington. Denver forward Jerami Grant was born in Portland. Nuggets big Bol Bol played at Oregon too. All are x-factors for the Nuggets. Meanwhile, Utah features a few former Lakers as well as Miye Oni from L.A.and Nigel Williams-Goss who spent time all across the pacific time zone. Going with Denver here.


Clippers forward Paul George flexed his health in the bubble. They’re getting big Montrezl Harrell back. Lou Williams is getting back into form as the sixth man. Kawhi Leonard still representing Riverside like me. I’m a Clippers fan so sorry Dallas it’s still L.A.’s series to lose.

AWARDS: LeBron James and James Harden among MVP finalists.


West Coast Reads

The West Coast sports news you must know before your next zoom call. Minus the New York, Boston and Chicago influence.


That’s all. That’s the tweet.

Put respect on Dame Lillard’s name because he didn’t come to waste time in the Bubble. The Blazers All-Star helped the team secure the eighth seed in the West. He dropped 42 points in a close win over the Nets on Thursday.

Also this week, Lillard became the first player in franchise history to record 50 points in back-to-back games. He joined Wilt Chamberlain as the only player with three games scoring more than 60 points in the same season.

This burst came after Dame scored 22-points in a five-point loss versus the Clippers last Saturday. He missed clutch free throws which the Clippers called him out for. A social media beef between him and Clippers guard Paul George ensued. Family members got involved and the two ended up clearing the air with a conversation.

NEXT: Dame Time will face the Memphis Grizzlies. A Portland victory on Saturday seals a series with the Lake Show. If the Grizzlies win, they face the Blazers again on Sunday. Memphis must win both games for a chance to play the Lakers in the opening playoff series.

Serena Playing Chess

Serena Williams (38) faced her older sister Venus (40) for the 31st time this past week. Many, including Serena, ranked it among the best matchup between the two sisters.

The younger Williams rallied from 2-4 in the 3rd set to beat Venus 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 on Thursday. Serena pulled off a similar comeback in her first-round match versus Bernarda Pera.

Still, Serena said her focus is the US open at the end of the month, rather than winning the Top Seed Open. She hasn’t won a grand slam title since 2017.

WHAT’S NEXT? Serena will advance to the quarter-finals to Shelby Rogers on Friday. She holds a 19-12 advantage over her sister all-time.

A’s Handle Bidness

A’s outfielder Ramon Laureano got hit three times in a game versus the Astros. He headed towards Houston’s dugout. He got tackled before he got there. A scuffle broke out. The reported tipping point was a reported comment about Laureano’s mother.

Laureano said he regretted rushing the loser, Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron, afterward. Cintron caught a twenty-game suspension for his role as an instigator. Laureano is suspended six games. Oakland was amidst a nine-game winning streak at the time.

P.S. Dodgers’ Joe Kelly still thinks Astros are ‘little Bitchess.’ Kelly’s suspension is reduced from eight to five games too.

L.A. Takes Over Bay Golf Claps

Collin Morikawa represented Los Angeles in the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco last weekend.

Morikawa, 23, emerged from a seven-way tie in the closing round by shooting a 6-under 64. It was the lowest score ever by a winner in major championship history. He was 2-under after the first two rounds.

The L.A. native joined the elite company of Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to win their first PGA championship at age 23. Morikawa also moved up to No. 5 in the World Golf Rankings.

HIGHLY RATED: Final-round coverage ranked as the most-watched sports event of the week. It was the most-watched golf telecast since June 2019. Live coverage on ESPN was the most-viewed event on cable since 2010.

Seattle Crackin’ With First Black Broadcaster

Everette Fitzhugh is the Seattle Kraken’s first broadcaster. He is also allegedly the first black team broadcaster hired by an NHL team.

Fitzhugh spent the last five seasons as the director of media relations and broadcasting for the Cincinnati Cyclones. He did play-by-play for the ECHL club.

MORE PROGRESS: Fans who paid deposits for season tickets will choose their seats Aug. 24. More on pricing here.

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Let's Talk About College Football West Coast Bias

PAC-12 Regional Bias, 24 pacific standard time zone job links and an album from the NorthWest

Folks, There’s a lot of sports talk on the West Coast this week. The Timbers won the MLS is Back. Dame Lillard hit a game-winner last night. The Lakers ended their skid. Trout is booming and the A’s are surprising. Vegas starts their Stanley Cup pursuit too. More of that coming in the Friday news edition.

On West Coast Wednesdays we’ll talk about Coast bias in sports, the project, music this week and job openings. My hope is this newsletter will be a utility for people trying to work in sports in the pacific time zone. However, the music and lead story will still give fans and casual readers something to read and skim. Take a read and let me know what you think by commenting or replying to this email and post.

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Oh yeah, the PAC-12 and Mountain West Conferences canceled their fall seasons.

Although this newsletter focuses on pro sports, College sports are a regional affair. We must talk about that impact which will strike amateur sports from California all the way up to Washington.

Kent Doepel from Seattle hosts and runs the West Coast CFB podcast and website. He does great work covering the PAC-12, Mountain West and Big Sky conferences. We featured him in the podcast I cohost last Thursday due to rumors the Pac-12 might cancel their season.

At the time, Kent thought they would try and play to keep that TV revenue. The 10 public schooles (USC and Stanford are private) generated $942 million in revenue across all sports. That includes more than $124 million in football tickets alone, according to Sportico.

Public PAC-12 schools brought in $318 million in media money and $197 million from donations across all sports too. Most are attributed to football.

Now, these instituitions face eight or nine-figure deficits with football cancellations due to COVID-19.

Moreover, Kent Doepel brought up an interesting playoff issue with the PAC-12’s initial plans for playing only conference games.

“What happens if Oregon or USC goes 9-1 or 10-0 but there are undefeated teams around the nation? Do they get in the playoffs, who knows?” Doepel said. “I don’t know if they’ve earned that respect nationally.”

Imagine the impact with zero football from the West Coast?

More on Regional Bias in College Sports

The Washington-based writer talked about the gap between national coverage and local coverage of college football.

Since starting the site, Doepel found passionate PAC-12 fans firsthand. WestCoastCFB unintentionally created a community for fans from rival schools to interact.

Otherwise, college sports awards and coverage have long been regionally biased. Some contribute to the 22-year drought in March Madness due to poor seeding from regional bias. Many people say West Coast teams get an unfair shake in College football awards and voting too.

A 2019 study from the Journal of Sports Analytics showed regional bias in Heisman voting. In the 80+ years of the award. only five Far West players from schools other than the University of Southern California won the award. It cited instances of prominent players and voters admitting they didn’t watch games from the West Coast.

However, it didn’t find that athletes from the West Coast received fewer votes than others. The study actually showed the Northeast, South, and SouthWest are treated more adversely.

Still, it reaffirmed the notion that voters vote based on what they see because players receive more votes in their home regions. The study also found that regional bias was decreasing with an increase in nationally televised college games.

Could this trend get reversed if the two biggest conferences concentrated out west cancel their football seasons?

The Big Ten canceled their season the same day their Rose Bowl rivals did. The MAC, MEAC and Big Sky already canceled their seasons in weeks prior.

Nonetheless, the SEC, ACC and Big-12 fully intend on playing this season. Conference USA, and Sun Belt also plan on playing but none of those demands the same national attention as the Big-12, SEC or ACC.

As if we needed more access to Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, more Texas football or any of those Florida teams. Yet, that’s exactly what we’re going to get out west with none of our home teams playing football on Saturdays.

Don’t forget TV impacts recruiting. PAC-12 and MWC schools were already losing homegrown talent. That will only get amplified if all these seniors watch only SEC, Big-12 and ACC football in 2020.

Will we see a massive recruits exodus from California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada if the SEC, Big-12 and ACC play football while the PAC-12 and Mountain West sit at home?

How will many of these studens respond to missing a full season? How can you recruit players who may skip their 2020 season? What about transfers?

Will regional bias in college sports return if the schools outside the Pacific Time zone get an even bigger platform?

To Be Determined. These are questions to monitor as it looks like we might not have college football on the West Coast this year.


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West Coast Vibes

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FINALLY, got some music from outside California this week. Amine dropped an album flexing his versatility and introspective. He talks about love and other quarter-life crisis topics.

The album provides some of the upbeat tunes and creative punchlines that made Amine pop. It blends in some trendy elements like trap beats along with more soulful samples. There are a few good futures, some decent singing and a few songs where the Oregon native goes hard lyrically.

My highlight is Woodlawn because I’m a sucker for a beat with a good flute. He also shouts out Kobe in the song.

Amine calls Kobe a parental figure and said a part of his childhood died with 2-4. The Rapper elaborated on Kobe’s death in the following interlude. Dude said Bryant’s death inspired him to figure out money and life.

That’s a real-life example of how Kobe inspired a generation, from L.A. all the way to Portland. We all stayed up watching Kobe even if we weren’t Lakers fans, while the East Coast slept. The Mamba is just another experience that unites West Coast sports fans across the pacific time zone.

Speaking of which, the Pressure in my Palms Vince Staples feature is also fire.

Thanks for reading this far. Hope you enjoyed the new weekly format. It bumped up my engagement across the board.

I’m also really proud of this week’s edition. From the lead story and interview to the final song, this week’s issue really illustrates what this newsletter should be. It’s a deep dive on West Coast sports culture along with the sports news and jobs you need to support your lifestyle in the pacific time zone.

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